About Us

Bare Necessities Farms came about when we saw the need for people to have a greater connection with their food source.

So we decided to help remedy this by creating Bare Necessities Farms.

We are a locally-focused company that aims to get food production back to its roots, within its own community.

One of our long-term goals was to have a multiple acre biointensive market garden.
However, with the current price of land, we decided the best way to start would be to help people utilize their own yard space. Many people within our community have sufficient space to grow their own food and we help them optimize that space.

This is a very beneficial option as food that is locally grown is healthier as it contains beneficial pollens and enzymes to help to support a strong immune system. Many of the health issues people suffer from today caused by oxidative stress can be greatly elevated by local organic grown foods.

Our primary goal is helping people live longer, happier lives, by helping everyone have access to delicious, nutrient dense food, steps from their door.

We are taking the 100 mile diet to the 100 meter diet!



Alyssa is a local farm-raised, Sylvan Lake Business owner and lover of all things natural! When she isn’t sugaring at Smooth Sailings Body Sugaring or instructing spin classes at Trybe Fitness Bar, you can usually find her biking Sylvan Lake with her beloved Opie, riding shotgun in his own basket or out on her paddle board. In the winter months Alyssa spends most of her free time dancing with her Datura Allure troupe.

She is dedicated to her health and well-being in all areas of her life, including her form of hair removal, skincare, hair product, textiles, nutrition, and of course FOOD!!

Always on top of things, she’s the seeding & baby sprout daycare coordinator, social media manager, secretary, and yard farmer!

Alyssa’s favorite fresh from the garden treats are peas, carrots and of course, like any Irish maiden, LOVES potatoes!!