Our Services

Garden Design

We will design a garden to best suit your needs while maximizing your output.

Garden Construction

We will acquire all the necessary materials to build your customized garden and put it together for you.

Garden Maintenance

We will water and weed your plants to maintain a healthy and pest-free garden.

Garden Harvesting

We will harvest, clean, bag, and leave your veggies at your front door for you to pick up. You never have to get your hands dirty!

Compost Collection

We let nothing go to waste! All our customers get a free compost pail to put their food scraps in to be collected and turned back into rich, fertile soil.

Community Food Donations

All our customers get the option to help give back to the community, by donating a small portion of their produce to the local food bank.


What is Yard Farming?

Yard farming is a bio-intensive, no-dig, raised bed gardening method that produces high yields to optimize your yard space for food production.

What is Biointensive Farming?

A system focused on achieving maximum yield in a minimum area of space.

What is No-Dig?

No dig is a pre-industrial, non-cultivation process creating garden beds without disturbing the pre-existing soil structure. By using this method, we maintain the pre-existing microflora and mycelium networks.

Why is this method better?

We are by-passing the currently established root and weed system. By building on top we can easily manage the soil we are growing in. So less competition resulting in better yield.

Do I have to do any maintenance?

Leave the maintenance to us! We build, maintain, and manage your gardens while you reap the benefits.

How much does it cost?

You decide! Book your complimentary yard assessment to get a customized quote and digital yard map!

How much space do I need?

We can grow in even the smallest of spaces! Book your complimentary yard assessment and find out how much yield you can get!

Is it customizable?

Absolutely! Every yard can be customized to your specific space, produce, and budget.

What is the growing season?

Typically May to October, with the option to extend/winterize your space.

What can I grow?

During your complimentary yard assessment, you will be able to view our veggie menu and choose what your family would like to grow and eat!

Will it use Electricity or Water?

If greenhouses are requested for a custom yard package, electricity for heat or lights may be an option. Rainwater collection set up is an option for watering gardens. Some water may be used in watering your garden when the weather requires it.